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closer by hopeysomething closer :iconhopeysomething:hopeysomething 1 0 look by hopeysomething look :iconhopeysomething:hopeysomething 0 0 hold by hopeysomething hold :iconhopeysomething:hopeysomething 0 0 together by hopeysomething together :iconhopeysomething:hopeysomething 0 0 a girl by hopeysomething a girl :iconhopeysomething:hopeysomething 0 0
ambiguous monday
three words out of your mouth
and i'm spellbound
spun around
and expected to walk away
not this time.
i won't (can't) let this go.
i've thrown the cup away, though
tossed those old teabags
over the fence in hamilton
the reminders of warmth
are strong enough
(stronger than the
beverage was)
i close my eyes
but i can still see
sitting in the
gray area
legs crossed
arms crossed
fingers crossed
this elderly bridge contains
every awkward word i speak
we are spiders underneath
tupperware but
i'm not scared.
trains roar above
our heads
and sprinkle
ash and particles and
like immaculate stars
falling all around
christened by architecture's
our shadows
(our ghosts)
are good company.
:iconhopeysomething:hopeysomething 1 1
insect song
caterpillars (climb) up my throat
when you're around.
ladybugs twirl in my hair
my arms
there are
in the vessels of my heart
and they quiver when you're near me
nip at me like frost and
fire ants are marching
beneath my skin
i can feel their
coursing hunting through
please notice
please (fix me)
:iconhopeysomething:hopeysomething 0 0
we began tonight
from now on
i'll associate you with
cold toes
looking down
looking up
i wish i could keep you with me
(here) except,
your dreams reside in palm trees.
propped against large letters.
roaming along concrete hand prints.
your genius is stifled by evergreens.
i fear that california would not
return you
to me.
(maybe) i could follow you.
soar above
street signs and power lines
land beside you,
it would be effortless.
but i live for the wilting leaves
the crisp autumn air
i'm tied to this place
with hay bale strings.
each day we can greet the sun together,
by the time the rays reach the west coast
it's old news.
everything originates here.
we did.
:iconhopeysomething:hopeysomething 1 1
peeling wallpaper
folded wrapped up in you
my legs are dead my heart irregular
subway maps of goosebumps traced
my body.
freezing house
chapped lips
accidental slumber
waking up to your kiss
on my cheek
speaking in soft consonants
stretching limbs and
hooking feet.
wood stove smoke
crescent fingernail tattoos
scattered across your skin
(darker than mine)
we didn't even close the door
heavy eyelids
this is better than it used to be.
:iconhopeysomething:hopeysomething 0 0
let's go to folly hill and make promises
we cannot keep.
just keep looking left
beyond the water tower
beyond the stars
beside me.
i can hear everything
that you're not saying
i'll create the compliments
i'll tell myself the things that
i need you to say.
i can imagine
your fingers' favorite places
even though you don't particularly
like my body.
not all the time.
i'd like to think that sometimes
you want me, purely aesthetically
but i would have to change for that.
i'm so tired.
i'm too much for myself
but not enough for anyone else.
:iconhopeysomething:hopeysomething 0 0
listening for trains out
the living room window
streetlight seeping through the panes
past the curtains (pulled back)
onto my upturned eyes
rendering me
:iconhopeysomething:hopeysomething 0 0
listening to her
laying back
arms extended over my head
i feel the curtains closing over my eyes
billie's voice thickening the dimly lit rooms
praying her words will permeate me
and sweep me
into another era entirely
where i can feel the brass section's intensity
in the balls of my feet
where spotlights cast a wondrous glow through the wispy smoke of a crowded club
accenting the partners twirling on worn wood floors
sequins blinking, men winking,
tipping caps as they pass by the bar
the sweet aroma of stale perfume and sweat
crawls through the confines of the room and presses against the door,
planning its escape into the infinite evening.
eagerly anticipating the arrival of an approaching lady,
her heels clicking
across the sidewalk.
the music is muted behind the closed door
and in the instant that she reaches out
the atmosphere within
in anticipation of its freedom
she gladly trades places with the musty air
to be surrounded by such compressed passion.
her hips instinctive
:iconhopeysomething:hopeysomething 0 0


The Road To Rome
We were walking along the beach at night,
I saw a shooting star and I wished that maybe soon
Our lips could cut through the bullshit;
Finally make a proper introduction.
I wished that you would fall in love with me
But it never happened.
Now tell me this:
What do I have left to believe in
When I can't believe in the impossible anymore?
I've been waiting here for a miracle to save me.
Have I been waiting in vain?
And what is wrong with me
That I keep believing the unbelievable?
Thinking I'm a character in a lame fantasy novel
Expecting my long-lost uncle to show up,
Tell me that I'm magic, hand me my wand,
And bring me to some strange land
Free from the chill of reality.
I'm beginning to realize
That if I'm going to ever be
Who it is I want to be,
It's my job to lay the foundation.
Change is not instantaneous;
You can't be somebody else all at once.
It's changing something small about you,
One tiny thing at a time, every single day,
And eventually you'll find yourself becoming
The you t
:iconcatmandingo:catmandingo 5 3
What You Are
The truth is,
You are not the reason for my desire to move out to California.
No, that position is held by moviemakers and producers
And a self-fulfilled prophecy waiting for fruition
What you are, my love,
Is the icing on the cake.
The grease on the wheels.
You are my motivation.
You are the catalyst of every stray thought
Every time my mind wanders West, there you are
Standing with flowers in your hair
And that smile, beaming
You are standing next to me on red carpet lines
On film sets, in trailers and backstage rooms
Holding my hand as my nerves get to me
Whispering inspiration into my ear
Building me up like only you can do
Making me feel wanted, needed,
Making me feel attracted, and attractive
Making me feel alive like only you have done for the longest time
What you are
And what I hope you will be
Is the rock that grounds me
My calm in the eye of the storm
I'm certain this time.
I know what I want
I know how I want it
And I will move mountains to get to you.
:iconcatmandingo:catmandingo 4 0
Bird Woman by allison712 Bird Woman :iconallison712:allison712 103 40
I'm looking for something new
I'm grasping at straws
Trying to find something unique
The world around me is unmotivating
I try to mix it up
Write metaphors that make no sense
Like "angry as a condom"
Or "more pungent than love"
I'm seeing my world in black and white
Everything's gray like the old movies I love
Except there's no sense of wonder,
No feeling of breaking new ground
Man tamed nature
Then they tamed reality
But I just sit watching it all from my basement
When is the next breakthrough coming?
The people I know show me their pictures
But all I hear them say is
"I am a mediocre person.
This is my mediocre life."
I want to break these shackles I've built around my ankles in my head
Want to see the sky in shades of blue and red
Not in shades of gray like the ocean staring back
I want greatness, but I have no idea how to find it.
If I could, I would light up this existence like a firecracker
I want to impress everyone I haven't yet met
When I'm truly great I will win your love,
:iconcatmandingo:catmandingo 6 4
colleen by black-letter-day colleen :iconblack-letter-day:black-letter-day 1,955 147 Beetlejuice Valentine by dream-star Beetlejuice Valentine :icondream-star:dream-star 11 13 Mario by Binnus Mario :iconbinnus:Binnus 174 102 costumed crimefighters by BrokenMasque costumed crimefighters :iconbrokenmasque:BrokenMasque 158 27 Buttons by Arnou Buttons :iconarnou:Arnou 99 84 the only child- moonywolf by childrensillustrator the only child- moonywolf :iconchildrensillustrator:childrensillustrator 33 3 struggle by strvngrtst15 struggle :iconstrvngrtst15:strvngrtst15 2 2
When You're Expanding
I hate it when the words don't come
My usually-overflowing fountain suddenly runs dry
And I stand staring forward like a deer in headlights
At these points in time it would be best if you hit me
Just stomped the gas and let the asphalt do the talking
Maybe if I destroyed myself, I could rebuild a better me
... That's depressing.
I hate the pit I feel in my stomach
When you don't reply back
And the silence lasts so long that I ask if you're still there
I hate the punchlines that don't get laughs
And then I repeat them again, and again (and again)
I hate the gulp I take when you speak
And I start to reply but I just trail... off...
... Just say something.
I hate the mumbling, the heavy breathing,
Every little sound I make as I struggle to impress you
The constant neediness that I broadcast like a radio signal
The yearn for love that gets me so wound up
Every embarrassing moment haunts me for days
Every word you said turned over and over like a goose
... Stop obsessing.
But I love the sou
:iconcatmandingo:catmandingo 3 2
Nearly-Forgotten Nightmare
I've been sheltered for most of my life
Always staring at the world through a window
It's why I'm so naive
But I have faith that there's still innocence out there
It fuels my passion
I can't fathom why people are so heartless
Why people hurt the ones they love most
They say you mock what you can't understand
That's why I make fun of everything
I just don't know how to react
I see your scars, on the inside and out
And they scare me.
I want to reach out like a child and touch them
I want to run my fingers along the grooves
I want to picture what you've seen in my head
And then maybe I'll understand
You see, I don't know how to help you
Half the time I think my own boat has a leak
All I know is how to love you
I can do it very well
I would love you so much that the well would overflow
Spill over and fill the hole in your heart
The ones who denied you will drown in its wake
But you'll be floating happily on the surface,
Unaware of the pain that once consumed you
You'll get only passing tho
:iconcatmandingo:catmandingo 2 0
Those Eyes
I'm staring at her hair.
I'm looking at her face
She's smiling back
I'm excited
I'm terrified
I look down
I'm staring at her boobs
But I don't want her to think I'm a perv
So I look at her... jacket
It's a nice jacket,
I really don't have opinions on jackets
And I look back up
Her eyes are still there
Still staring
Magnificent and blue
Permeating everything
Can she see my soul?
Can she sense my nervousness?
Can she read my thoughts?
I better not think about porn
But what should I be thinking about?
Moments likes these should be broken down and taught by teachers
I can't believe my school doesn't have "Talking To Beautiful Women 101"
But she's saying something, I'm losing track
I'm too caught up in my inner dialogue
To hear what she just said
Wait, what did she just say?
I'm gonna laugh and nod,
Hoping it wasn't important
And still THOSE EYES
They're there, they haven't moved
It's like they were etched from diamonds
I wonder what the street price is for her pupils
:iconcatmandingo:catmandingo 5 4
Blink With Me
Quiet rumbling
The sound of rubber tire against wet tar
Darkness surrounds me
A green glow glares at me from the dashboard
Dim headlights lead the way
I'm thinking about you
As I pass car after lonely car
The truck behind me rumbles
Its lights flicker in my rear-view mirror
Are they trying to tell me something?
Maybe they know everything
Maybe they know how we'll end up
Maybe I'm missing a piece of sage advice
From a psychic in a '92 Ford Ranger
Maybe it's a warning
But no, I'm just getting paranoid
Just like when I thought that guy was following me
Because we happened to use the same exit
To get to the same town
I pretended I was a spy
Just like right now I'm pretending you're a princess
And I'm the street begger
I mean, I could have imagined myself a prince
But it's more enticing when you have to work at success
Plus I have low self esteem
You live in a palace
But it's just your pride
And you wear a veil over your face
But it's just your insecurity
I'll have to destroy both to win yo
:iconcatmandingo:catmandingo 3 1



United States
(i confide in wolves at night.)

"those who dream by day are cognizant of many things that escape those who dream only at night."

“if a poet is anybody, he is somebody to whom things made matter very little -- somebody who is obsessed by making.”

"the aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance."

"poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility."

Favourite genre of music: everything.
Favourite photographer: constantly changing.
i want to start putting my name on my a stamp or whatever, and i've been trying...and i can do it...but i can't save it as a just doesn't work. i looked through some tutorials and it just wasn't working. confused. halp.


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